A step closer to social media consumers: TikTok joins the CAI and C2PA

Social media plays a major role in how we see the world and each other. Today’s announcement that TikTok is joining our efforts to advance trust and transparency online with Content Credentials moves the authenticity ecosystem toward the ubiquity of trustworthy context embedded in content. Wider access to verifiable information about the content we create and see online is one step closer today.

As the newest member of both the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), TikTok will begin labeling AI-generated content with Content Credentials, with more integration to follow. This makes TikTok the first major social media platform to support the open C2PA standard.

TikTok has over 1 billion users — a number that includes 170 million just in the US — who use the app to learn, build businesses, and consume news. Reliable, trustworthy content has never been more critical in our connected world, and especially in this unprecedented year of global elections. Identifying and clearly labeling generative AI content is a key component in fulfilling a fundamental right we all have to understand how the content we consume was made.

With this watershed integration and the broad availability of the CAI’s free open-source tools, Content Credentials are now seeing accelerated adoption across industries — including camera makers, news publishers, brand marketers, and creative professionals. What’s been just out of reach on the adoption curve is ready access for everyday consumers, until now.

Image courtesy of TikTok

Of course, achieving broad availability of Content Credentials is an iterative process that will take time. But as the CAI community grows in size, reach, and diversity, we look forward to engaging with our members to build ever more momentum for these digital “nutrition labels.” We welcome the TikTok team and we’re excited about their ongoing contributions.

It’s worth remembering that the addition of Content Credentials can happen at any point of the content lifecycle — from creating, editing, or generating content with AI to the various ways we share online. TikTok, and the world of social media more generally, provides ample opportunity for creators and consumers alike to benefit from verifiable media. We’re proud to celebrate this milestone on the path toward Content Credentials ubiquity, and proud to support this ecosystem of implementers who are united in the movement to bring Content Credentials to everyone.